Agility Ladder 6M

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Agility ladders are great tools for speed training. They are just like it sounds: a ladder pattern on the ground used for running drills. They have visually marked paths for foot zones to encourage a specific step pattern. Drills use various markings to space steps linearly or laterally or a combination. Agility ladders are also a HIIT workout that can burn serious calories. Exercises are available for serious athletes to beginners, anyone who wants to improve speed and agility, increase leg strength, and get in great shape. So whether you're training for a competitive sport, looking to strengthen your ankles and knees, burn some extra calories, or just have a fun new workout, an agility ladder has what you're looking for!

Adjustable Rungs

The agility ladders have fully adjustable rungs, so you can move them closer or farther apart to fit your stride, difficulty level, and the type of drill you'd like to run.Thay work on three primary fitness factors: agility, quickness, and speed. They can also help strengthen your ligaments, joints, and tendons. They're even great for your brain health because you can't just zone out like flat running.

Coordination Training

Agility ladders help with coordination training. By working on increasingly difficult foot patterns, increasing your speed as you learn the patterns, you're working on a neurological connection between your feet and your brain. Every good or bad rep brings you more control.

Acceleration Improvemen

Agility ladders work toward acceleration improvement. They encourage consistent, rapid step patterns. As you increase your coordination and body control, you also increase your economy of movement. That means you're not wasting energy and motion. The less time to complete the task, the faster you are at it.


The material the agility ladder is made of is light and flexible, that is why it is so easy to train at home or in the park. The fast and easy assembling bring more comfort to your training at the same time long-lasting life cycle of the product and durability decreases your worries about replacing this ladder anytime soon.

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