Cork Yoga Block 22.5 x 15 x 7.5cm

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Make your yoga practice more functional with cork yoga blocks. Sturdy and supportive, cork yoga blocks will help you take your practice to the next level. Use them to improve your foundation while performing balancing yoga poses. Yoga blocks are a great way to enhance restore classes and guide you toward establishing healthy limb alignment. Place cork yoga blocks under your hands to create the same kind of support that the floor provides at a higher level.

Rounded Edges

Cork yoga blocks have rounded edges to make using them more comfortable. Some yoga poses include using block support under the back or sacrum. The rounded edges will help you remain in these poses longer since blunt edges pressing into your body can be painful and cause you to move into a different position more quickly. Rounded edges also allow you to use the blocks for more poses due to their higher comfort level. For instance, you can use them to stretch your feet or neck.

Non-Slip Grip

Yoga blocks made from cork give you a non-slip grip. This feature makes using them safer and easier. You’ll appreciate the non-slip surface if you need to use blocks for tough arm balancing poses like crow or firefly. The grippy exterior means that you can work on your backbends using a wall and for foundational elements like stepping up onto a block to practice engaging the glute muscles in balancing poses like tree.

Natural to Touch

Cork is a natural feeling material, so when you invest in blocks made from cork, you’ll be able to keep the mental integrity of your practice intact. Often, a yoga practice is centered around staying grounded. Since cork is natural to the touch, using these yoga blocks will help you stay emotionally grounded. Cork blocks are heavy, which adds to their organic feel. They are also environmentally friendly and free of phthalates.

Recycled Raw Cork

To produce cork, developers harvest the bark from cork oak. The process does not damage the trees. In fact, harvesting it increases how long the tree will live. Recycled raw cork extends the life of this organic, sustainable material. When you buy something made from it, you are investing in developing and maintaining cork forests, which is a great thing to do for the planet and future generations.


Raw cork naturally resists mite growth and dust. This makes it the perfect material for yoga students who have asthma or allergies. Since raw cork is anti-bacterial, you can feel better about sharing your blocks with other people. Cork features antimicrobial elements that fight against common bacteria like e-coli and staph aureus, which is the bacteria that causes eczema.

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