Kork Yogamåtte 5mm 184cm x 62cm

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A yoga mat is a yoga practitioners' most basic piece of equipment. It grounds you and provides support. These days, you can purchase yoga mats made from different types of materials including rubber and cork. A cork mat is durable and sustainable. It is an eco-friendly material that will prevent slipping. Cork mats don’t have the unpleasant odor that comes with rubber mats. They also have a lovely smooth surface.


Cork is a firm material. However, the design of cork yoga mats allows them to be rolled up and stored away easily. It’s flexible enough to store in a yoga studio cubby, and you can use regular carrying cases and straps to transport your cork yoga mat. This type of mat is made from both cork and foam to give your feet, joints and knees plenty of comfort.

Eco Foam

The eco foam feature of cork yoga mats provides cushion for your knees. When yoga mats have too much foam, balancing can become even more challenging. Foam support offers enough protection for your knees while giving you a firm surface to practice on. Eco foam is non-toxic, and it is a recycled material that is also biodegradable. This kind of foam replaces the rubber and PVC that is usually used to manufacture products, which makes them safe for people to use and good for the environment.

Non-Slip Grip

When cork gets wet, it doesn’t become slippery. You’ll appreciate this feature if you enjoy sweaty yoga practices. With a cork mat, you can put away the towels that you may have previously used to prevent slipping. To increase your grip, just spritz a small amount of water over the area of your mat where you’ll be placing your hands and feet. A non-slip mat makes it easier to engage your muscles, allowing you to better protect your joints.

Natural to Touch

Cork is natural against your skin, a feature that can help you feel more grounded during a yoga practice. Cork is harvested from cork oak tree bark, and the great thing about this process is that it doesn’t harm the tree. In fact, once it is harvested, the tree regenerates its bark. During the regeneration process, CO2 is removed from the air. Since this is the greenhouse gas that is responsible for climate change, cork works to decrease the dangerous environmental condition.

Recycled Raw Cork

Yoga mats made from recycled raw cork are an even better investment because you’re purchasing a product manufactured from a reused material. This also decreases pollution and saves processing energy. Embracing recycled materials reduces the need for raw substances. It also makes products like yoga mats more affordable. Recycling is a job creator, and you can feel good about doing something to benefit the environment when you buy a cork mat.


Cork is a material that features antimicrobial properties. According to research, the yoga mats that you borrow from a studio may contain more bacteria and germs than toilet seats do. Cork yoga mats are naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial. This means that yours will provide you with a clean, germ-free surface every time you practice. Yoga is good for your immune system, and it can improve your physical health and emotional wellbeing.

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