HEXAGON Dumbbell Håndvægt 5 kg

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If you are constantly on the hunt for new and innovative ways to increase muscular strength, improve the intensity of your workout or take your training to a whole new level, a set of HEXAGON 5kg dumbbells just might be right for you. Weighing in at an easily manageable five kilograms, these dumbbells offer the right level of resistance for enhancing your strength training routine and building muscular strength without overdoing your exercise regimen.

Unique Hexagon Shape

As the name suggests, the HEXAGON dumbbell is formed with two six-sided end weights that are connected by a centre bar. Although it seems like a small and insignificant modification that has nothing to do with exercise or training, the hexagonal shaping provides added stability and greater versatility and makes the dumbbell suitable for use in place of traditional grips when performing push-ups and other specialized strength training exercises.

Non-Slip Grip

The HEXAGON dumbbell's non-slip grip ensures that it's easy to hold on to even after working up a sweat during an intensive workout session. The grip is also designed to be comfortable for periods of extended training and exercise. This makes HEXAGON dumbbells the perfect weights for taking on walks or runs to build endurance and enhance strength training and development.


The soft covering that encases the HEXAGON dumbbell offers additional benefits that go far behind its usefulness as an essential strength training and exercise tool. The cover protects the dumbbell's metalcore from developing rust and corrosion that can result from contact with the user's hands while training. It also helps to prevent damage to floors and furnishings in the event that the dumbbell is inadvertently dropped during a workout and keeps the dumbbells from accidentally slipping or rolling away during floor-based exercises.

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