Sports bh med høj støtte

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Equal parts stylish and functional, our quality sports bra offers the best of both worlds. With its thoughtful features and adorable design, you’ll both look and feel good while rocking this high impact sports bra. Promising a cozy fit and ample support, our top-notch sports bra breathes fashion, comfort, and convenience into your workout routine. For a high impact sports bra that delivers flair, protection, and versatility, you've met your match.

Racerback Design

With its T-shaped back, our high impact sports bra exudes style. In addition to being trendy, the racerback design also allows for a full range of motion. You won’t feel restricted, and you’ll find that the exposed shoulder blade design promises ease of movement. Best of all, the racerback construction ensures that your skin won’t be pulled in any unwanted directions.


The hallmark of any good bra is breathability. Fortunately, our yoga bra delivers just that. Thanks to its perfect fit, you’ll feel exceptionally comfortable while working out. As you begin to break a sweat, more air will reach your skin, allowing you to cool off. Make your workouts more enjoyable when you opt for a high impact sports bra as breathable as this one.

Full Coverage Design

With this yoga bra’s full coverage design, gone are the days of having to adjust your workout undergarment. Whether you’re running, playing tennis, doing yoga, or stretching, you’ll find great comfort in knowing that you won’t be exposed while partaking in physical activity. As a result, you can focus less on your attire and more on getting into shape.

Support Without Underwire

Though underwire does provide support, it can be uncomfortable. As it digs into your skin, it can become quite painful. With our high impact sports bra, you receive optimal support while remaining comfortable. There’s nothing worse than having to alter your movements to satisfy your bra’s needs. With our yoga bra, you won’t have to forfeit your comfort again.

High-Impact Support

For high-impact sports, you want to be sure that your sports bra is up for the task. Our high impact sports bra was designed with strenuous activity in mind. It keeps everything in place, making you feel poised and controlled as you stay active. This unmatched level of support makes it easy and convenient to engage in any exercise.


There shouldn’t be any shame in your workout game. Our yoga bra promises just that. Included with moisture-wicking fabric, you can sweat without feeling self-conscious. With this unique fabric, your sweat dries quicker, and it pulls moisture away from the body. No matter how much you perspire, this sports bra will keep you cool and have you feeling confident.

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