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If you are interested in quality in terms of fit, feel and performance, then these workout leggings are for you. The sleek design will hug all your curves with four-way stretch and a crotch gusset. The construction uses a flatlock stitch and none-see-through material to heighten your look. The high waisted style provides tummy control, and the fabric is both dry wicking and anti-bacterial. Add all that to a streamlined smartphone pocket, and these yoga leggings are a must-have.

4-Way Strech

Most workout leggings stretch in two directions. While this is the standard, it limits the mobility for the wearer. That is why these yoga leggings go the extra mile. This fabric has a four-way stretch. This means that it has give in all directions. Therefore, no matter how you move, these yoga leggings will always be able to keep up. Once you experience this ease of movement, you will never go back to traditional fabrics ever again.

Dry Wicking

When you first try on a pair of workout leggings, they may feel soft and comfortable. However, do you know how those same leggings will feel after a long day or an intense workout? Moisture accumulation can be a huge problem, causing discomfort, chafing and more. However, these yoga leggings are made with dry wicking built right in. You can move all day, and the moisture will be kept away from the skin with the quality fabric.

Anti Bactirel

Most people think about anti-bacterial products for their hands. However, your workout leggings could pose a greater risk than you think. These pants are worn in all conditions, and you are exposed to an unknown number of germs and pathogens. While a single pair of leggings cannot protect you from everything, our anti-bacterial fabric can provide additional peace of mind. This keeps you safe and reduces the potential for unseemly odors.

Flatlock Stitch

Workout leggings should cling to the skin, providing shape that adjusts to movements. In order to achieve the best fit, these yoga leggings have foregone standard stitching. Instead, they are constructed with a streamlined flatlock stitch. Flatlock stitching is the perfect choice for yoga pants since it minimizes the appearance of the seam and promotes movement. If you have worn bulkier yoga pants, then you know what regular stitching looks and feels like. For a truly quintessential fit, the flatlock stitch is essential.

Crotch Gussets

Another key piece of the construction of these leggings is the crotch. The crotch is one of the most vulnerable parts of the construction. This is where you are likely to see ripping. A tight crotch can ruin a pair of leggings in terms of comfort and style. To avoid these issues, these leggings are designed with crotch gussets instead. This means there is an extra crotch piece sewn in. This provides additional flexibility and stability.

Smartphone Pocket

When you are on the go, you need to have your smartphone on hand. When you are going to work or the store, you probably have a purse or a bag to carry your items. However, when you are in the middle of a workout, what are you going to do with your phone? These leggings have a built-in smartphone pocket that is comfortable and secure. With this, you can carry your smartphone with you for ongoing easy access no matter what you are doing.

None-see through

Many workout leggings look great on the rack, but when you get them home, it is a different story. Too many brands use fabric that is just too thin. When it is stretched, it immediately shows too much. See-through materials are a huge problem in the industry, and it is why many people end up turning away from specific brands. With these yoga pants, it is not a problem. The fabric is entirely none-see-through. You can move and stretch in all directions, and the fabric will reveal nothing.

High Waistband Tummy Control

A high waistband ensures superior fit and staying power. Such pants are far less likely to slip, which means you can work out with confidence. As an added bonus, this high waisted construction is paired with tummy control technology. Now, while your pants stay in place, your tummy will be kept in place as well. In total, there is no yoga legging on the market that does more.

Material86% Polyester 14% Spandex
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