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A must-have in any workout wardrobe, this yoga top is as stylish as it is comfortable. Pairing nicely with leggings and shorts, the versatility of this workout top makes choosing an outfit a breeze. Included with thoughtful details that allow for moisture control and optimal breathability, you’ll elevate your workout game to new heights when donning this trendy top.

Racerback Design

Crafted with comfort in mind, this yoga top includes a racerback design. Not only does this provide a fashionable touch, but it also allows for a full range of motion. Whether you’re running, biking, or doing yoga, the racerback design ensures that none of your movements are restricted. As a result, you can partake in any activity seamlessly while looking chic.


Bid farewell to discomfort when you opt for this exercise top. While the fit is snug, it’s still breathable. We’ve mastered the best of both worlds so that your workout routine is satisfactory. While getting into shape, you won’t have to worry about this top squeezing any body parts. Instead, you’ll experience a pleasant fit that complements your physique.

No Pilling

Thanks to its soft, quality material, this yoga top doesn’t form fluff. With that said, you won’t have to rip off that bothersome extra fabric, and you can rest assured that the top will remain intact. Working out doesn’t mean that your aesthetic has to suffer. With its anti-pilling features, this workout top doesn’t just look good. It also delivers a knitted fabric that's highly durable.

Dry Wicking

If you’re self-conscious about how much you sweat while working out, this is the top for you. This workout top uses moisture-wicking fabric, so it doesn’t matter how much you perspire. When you sweat, the moisture quickly moves to the outer surface. Your sweat also dries fast so that it doesn’t ruin the fabric. These two elements breathe comfort and convenience into your physical activity.

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