Slam Ball 6 kg

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All exercise balls are not the same. While a medicine ball and 6kg slam ball may seem similar, they are very different. While a medicine ball has a rubber, plastic, or leather surface and is impractical for intense workouts, slam balls have thick rubber surfaces, making them tough enough for high-impact throwing and other exercises. Athletes all over the world use them because, among other benefits, they increase muscle mass, develop hand-eye coordination and cardiovascular strength. And since the slam balls encourage you to use your entire body as you throw, they improve explosiveness and core strength.


To be bouncy - is another advantage of the slam ball. Toss it against a wall or the floor, and it bounces back into your hands, so your exercise routine is not interrupted by picking it up off the floor or chasing it all over everywhere. As they are filled with sand, that is what keeps them from rolling away.

Excellent Tensile Strength

Slam balls are tough and durable. They have excellent tensile strength and will not break when they are under tension. Thick rubber defences the slam ball from falling apart, even if slammed thousands of times.

Non-Slip Grip

Despite the thick rubber, they feel soft and have a non-slip grip. That is what makes slam ball so popular with athletes as training with them is easy and comfortable. Choose your exercises to work your shoulders, pecs, triceps, calves, back, and abdominal muscles. Use it instead of free weights in your cardio training.


A slam ball has many purposes. Use it for a full-body workout, functional training, and strength training. You can use it whether you’re training indoors or outdoors. Use it for squats, sit-ups, overhead presses, and lunges. It also works for partner exercises like chest and overhead passes. Or try it for abdominal workouts where you and your partner stand back to back and twist to hand the ball to each other.

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